The Danube

Memories of a Continent The Danube The Danube shaped the history of Europe in a unique way and moved like hardly any other river. As quietly as this lifeline meanders through the center of Europe, its power is just as destructive when it overflows its banks. But its attraction and the fertile surrounding area made […]

Viennese Milieus – Poverty in the Empire

The Heritage of Austira Viennese Milieus – Poverty in the Empire On the “margins” of society, precarious realities of life exist in the middle of the centers of power. In the age of industrialization, cities are rapidly growing into metropolises, and with them poverty. In the age of industrialization, the cities of the 19th century […]


Voices of the Amazon Uihu They are seen as the preservers and defenders of a threatened world whose destruction is progressing inexorably. Pushed back, enslaved and murdered, the indigenous peoples of the Amazon have been fighting against this overexploitation for more than 500 years. In this film we accompany the groups of Huni Kuin and […]