In our films we travel through time to meet people in their present.

We are a film production company in Vienna, Austria, that produces high-quality documentaries, relying on a unique narrative style, combining originality with topicality and reflecting historic and social developments.

Our core team consists of two managing directors, whose competencies complement each other through many years of cooperation. The experience gained and the learning process, from times of crisis and prosperity, represent a strength that manifests itself in Portal Films.

Founded by Jonathan Vaughan and Bernhard Riener in 2020, we focus on documentary work for public television and cinema with historical, cultural and socio-political themes.

Short films and music videos enrich and inspire the working methods and the aesthetics for newly gained perspectives that flow into the respective genres. With our projects, we want to have a positive impact on social development.

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Direction, Script & Production

Bernhard Riener

With roots in the DIY world, action art, music, photography & film have been accompanying me around the world. I look into the past, into the future, the life in the now and how it can be combined in intriguing documentaries.

I want voices of social engagement and their themes throughout history to be heard.
Camera, Editing & Production

Jonathan Vaughan

Grown up in a film production house, where everything was about stories, always surrounded with colorful people, curiosity became the fuel of my life. Finding intriguing people and talents, capturing their knowledge and working together with them are my vision.

I want to create films that take people on a journey and that can be reflected on.


After a study in photography in the Netherlands, I settled in Vienna, where I studied Cultural Management and started working in photography galleries. From there I moved into producing film- and photoproductions in the field of advertising and eventually landed where my true passion lies: in the production of documentary films. 

I like organized things and find beauty in chaos.



Going from the abstract of our big and pressing issues to the tangible, the humans behind it – that, to me, is the beautiful power of documentaries. With my background in investigative journalism I love to dig deep and take my time – whether it is in extensive research or in long conversations.

If you listen closely, everyone has a story to tell – I want to take people with me to listen to them.


Mehdi Kazemi

In all my endeavors, whether in everyday routines or the craft of filmmaking, I strive to comprehend the pain and sorrow around me. I have a great appreciation for the lives of others, particularly people for whom life has been harsh or unfair to. Despite the sadness, I want my viewers to see the beauty of these people and the hope that they offer.

Life is the stage of our artistry where each person assumes a unique role. May this art be so beautiful, that it lingers as a lasting testament for humanity.