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Memories of a Continent

The Danube

The Danube shaped the history of Europe in a unique way and moved like hardly any other river. As quietly as this lifeline meanders through the center of Europe, its power is just as destructive when it overflows its banks. But its attraction and the fertile surrounding area made people settle along the Danube. This symbiosis created an interplay of growth and destruction.

The borders fought for by the peoples shifted as steadily as the course of the river. Hoping to find a new home, many embarked on the perilous journey without knowing where the river would let them go. Unpredictable and full of facets, the Danube separates and connects – its countless stories unfold to the memory of a continent.

Running Time: Two parts á 45 min.
Original Language: German
Locations: Austria, Croatia,Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Romania
Shooting Period: 2018 – 2021
Completion: December 2021
Shooting Format: 4K

Script & Direction:Bernhard Riener
Camera & Editing:Jonathan Vaughan
Voice:Silvana Veit
Voiceover:Angelika Lang
Matthias Hofer
Music:Michael Klement feat. Minky Oberwinkl
Sound:Klement Media
Alberto Lovison
Animation:Roman Hansi
Grading:Nicola Stampfer
Production ROU/SRB/DE:Fabian Burger
Line Producer Romania:Alina Parigger
2nd Camera Romania:Lucia Hofer
2nd Camera Germany:Tobi Gstaltner
Marco Telfser
2nd Camera Austria:Noel Cosmo Obermaier
Cooperation Romania:Teodor Frolu / Rowmania
PAs Romania:Alexandra Varzan
Aurelian Nedelcu
PA Serbia:Vladan Kreckovic
Producers:Bernhard Riener
Jonathan Vaughan
Co-Producer:Norman Vaughan
Translators:Ivor Mayer
Dunja Milutinovic
Liliana Popa
Ivan PatzaichinDanube Delta Conservationist, olympic canoeist
Henrike HempeDZW Museum Ulm
Adam KupferschmidtDanube Swabian
Agnes KupferschmidtDanube Swabian
Elisabeth ZeilingerHistorian, Curator, Vienna
Franz ScheriauCaptain, Schiffmuseum Vienna
Helmut WittmannActivist, Hainburg, Austria
Engür AhmetResident of Ada Kaleh, Romania
Edit KirályGermanist, Budapest, Hungary
Manda PatkoResident of Vukovar, Croatia
Ivor MayerResident of Vukovar, Croatia
A co-production of:portal filmproduktion OG
NormanVaughan Filmproduktion e.U.
Licencee Germany:Bayerischer Rundfunk
Licencee Italy:Radiotelevisione Italiana - Funkhaus Bozen“