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Voices of the Amazon


They are seen as the preservers and defenders of a threatened world whose destruction is progressing inexorably. Pushed back, enslaved and murdered, the indigenous peoples of the Amazon have been fighting against this overexploitation for more than 500 years.

In this film we accompany the groups of Huni Kuin and Shane Kaya and give an insight into their struggle for survival. We accompany them in their rituals that were forbidden for a long time and experience a renaissance of their natural religions and their mixing with Christianity. In interviews with representatives of the Huni Kuin, the Shane Kaya, an anthropologist and a representative from the judiciary, we shed light on the situation of the indigenous population of Brazil/Acre.

The film tells a journey between the worlds on the edge of the jungle.

We are currently looking for interested partners to finalize this project. If you are interested, please get in touch via office@portal-film.com or give us a ring.