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Vienna in the 19th century. The city is changing at a rapid pace from the medieval center of a dynasty to an up-and-coming metropolis. In the course of industrialization, millions of people from all parts of the multi-ethnic state stream into the heart of the empire. Technological progress is changing society inexorably and at breakneck speed. The wealth of a few is growing and more and more people are sliding into abject poverty. Exploited in the factories and without any rights, a movement is rising from this misery.
A class is born – that of workers. A fight for justice begins and gives an oppressed mass their voice. This turning point heralds a new era and shakes up the prevailing power structures.
Mass housing and hunger – inhumane working conditions, people as a mass and an oppressive state apparatus that does not care about the concerns of its subjects. All this creates an explosive mixture within the monarchy.
In this two-part documentary, Mona Krisch and Bernhard Riener trace the emergence of this movement using interviews with renowned historians, newspaper reports, personal notes, historical documents. Demands such as the 8-hour day, health insurance or universal suffrage are taken for granted today. Despite many defeats, resistance and persecution, Viktor Adler, Adelheid Popp, Franz Schuhmeier and Anna Boschek fought for these achievements. They laid the foundation for democratic development in Austria and the social welfare state with all its rights.

Running Time: Two parts á 45 min.
Original Language: German
Locations: Austria
Shooting Period: 2023
Completion: November 2023
Shooting Format: 4K

Script & Direction:Bernhard Riener
Co-direction:Mona Kriesch
Camera & Editing:Jonathan Vaughan
Production Management:Alina Parigger
2nd Camera:Maximilian Kiss
Camera Assistant:Tobias Gstaltner
Light:Istvan Pajor
Sebastian Kubelka
Sound Engeneer:Jonathan Andel
Set Design:Leonie Picher
Production Assistant:Lisa Müller
Make Up:Monika Krestan
Beate Lentsch Bayerl
Voice:Silvana Veit
Voice Recording:Lovison Audio Production
Music:Michael Klement feat. Minky Oberwinkl
Sound and Mix:Klement Media
Animation:Roman Hansi
Grading:Nicola Stampfer
Producers:Bernhard Riener
Jonathan Vaughan
Co-Producer:Norman Vaughan
Set Photography:Willy Hendel
Historical Councelling:Marliese Mendel
Cast:Julia Bayer
Marlene Weiser
Roman Jiranek
Hannah Stemmberger
Hannes Lengauer
Roland Ohler
Diana Huemer
Korbinian Huemer
Luis Schlader
Gottfried Reiger
Richard Wiesinger
Elias Huemer
Marius Parigger
Lea Maria Huemer
Franziska Winklmayer
Valentina Aizetmüller
Thomas Hinterwirth
Annemarie Krahwinkler
Kim Cupal
Ellie Cupal
Iris Weigerstorfer
Mariliese Mendel:Historian, ÖGB
Florian Wenninger:Historian, Arbeiterkammer Wien
Gabriella Hauch:Historian, University of Vienna
Gernot Trausmuth:Author
Gitta Tonka:Author
Lilli Bauer:Curator, Waschsalon Wien
Michaela Lindinger:Author, Wien Museum
Robert Misik:Journalist & Author
Werner Schwarz:Historian, Wien Museum
Wolfgang Maderthaner:Historian, VGA
A co-production of:portal filmproduktion OG
NormanVaughan Filmproduktion e.U.
ORF III Kultur und Information
RAI Südtirol
Special Thanks to:Ariane Tueni
Barbara Parigger
Roswitha Vaughan